The World Health Organization endorses Manual Aspiration Abortion and the Medical Abortion as the safest Abortion Methods.

Non-Surgical Abortion

Private Examination Room Gentle. Safe.

You don't need surgery to end early Medical Abortion . Aspiration Procedure.

Aspiration: Quick & Simple

You probably have never heard of the quickest and simplest way to end an early pregnancy.

Do you know that you can end an early pregnancy with a quick and simple procedure that takes a few minutes to complete? Yes! At Early Options, ending early pregnancy can be as simple as getting your yearly exam. No surgery. No scraping. No machine. No noise. No operating room. No recovery room. No need to fast the night before. No crowded waiting rooms. No assembly line.

Sound too good to be true? At Early Options, the Aspiration Procedure is completed in a regular private examination room. The procedure is done on a regular exam table. You can even bring a companion or friend to be by your side. The entire procedure takes about 5 minutes. The procedure is quiet, noninvasive, and simple - so there are no major complications. There is no risk to your future ability to have children. In a few minutes, you feel ready to resume your normal activities.



We are professionals that perform abortion or termination of pregnancy without questions, for any woman of any age or race. We do not ask questions why? We simply assist you professionally as asked of us.

South African law allows you to terminate a pregnancy and if you feel you can not continue with a pregnancy then it is within your right to terminate it. The best time to terminate a pregnancy is as early as possible anywhere in between 1 week and 26 weeks. Call Or Whats-app 0655127737